DME™ is an acronym for Direct Micro Expelling, a process developed by Dr. Dan Etherington, PhD in response to the desperate needs of third world communities for food security.


From husking the coconut, which is where the clock starts ticking on freshness, until expelling, where the oil is collected, happens within 20 minutes to 2 hours maximum. Once the oil is expelled, it is stable. Coconut oil has a shelf life of up to 5 years (possibly more), as the oil itself does not oxidize, and is not affected by normal home temperatures. Freshness is reflected in a lower free fatty acid count, which yields a smoother coconut flavour. Fresher oil has a higher potency for antimicrobial activity and ketone creation.


Small holders are the only pressing participants in the DME™ process. These are farmers, or families, or even communities, primarily in the Solomon Islands. For many, this is their only source of cash income, positively affecting up to 250 members of the community, and increasing their income from the coconut up to 12 times. Because DME™ is a small holder process, it is uniquely environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. The DME™ process is Fair Dinkum Fair Trade, recognized by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. The Asia Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED) presented the 2006 Ryutaro Hashimoto Gold Award (First Prize) to Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands for the work it was doing in ‘Rehabilitating a rural economy with virgin coconut oil production’.


The fresh coconut meat is lightly dried to decrease the moisture content and improve oil quality. When the meat is ready, it is placed into an expulsion cylinder, and pressed. Light pressing produces the highest quantity of coconut oil, as if the oil needs to be gently coaxed from the meat. The pressing process happens entirely without heat, qualifying it as a raw food. As the oil pours out, it is collected, filtered, tested, filtered again, settled, filtered, and then sent to market so you can have the freshest, fairest, future friendly coconut oil available.