DME™ Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Alpha's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is certified fair-trade and is hand-pressed directly from fresh coconuts in the Solomon Islands by island natives on their own family farms. The DME™ process uses a manually operated cold-pressing unit to produce raw oil from fresh coconuts in as little as one-and-a-half hours or less. Such a short processing time eliminates the concern of mold growth or danger of other impurities. This is one of the things that sets us apart from every other coconut oil on the market. For this reason, it has earned multiple organic certifications. Alpha DME™ delivers the purest, highest quality raw coconut oil to your table.

  • Nutritional Facts / Valeur nutritive
    Per 15 ml (1 Tbsp) / ar 15 ml (1 c. a table)
    Amount - % Daily Value*
    Teneur - % valeur quotidiene*          
    Calories / Calories 120
    Fat / Lipides 14 g 22%
      Saturated / satures 13 g
      + Trans / trans 0g
    Cholesterol / Cholesterol 0 mg
    Sodium / Sodium 0 mg 0%
    Carbohydrate / Glucides 0 mg 0%
    Dietary Fibre / Fibres 0 g
    Sugars / Sucres 0 g 0%
     Protein / Proteines 0 mg
    Vitamin A / Vitamine A 0%
    Vitamin C / Vitamine C 0%
    Calcium / Caclium 0%
    Iron  / Fer 0%
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2 000 Calorie diet. Please check website.
    * Pourcentage de la valeur quotidienne selon un regime alimentaire de 2 000 Calories. Visiter le site Web.
  • We put a trust symbol on the front of every bottle — “Only DME™ is 90 minutes fresh.” Once a coconut is husked, it exposes the three little eyes to the world. These eyes are membranes, exchanging oxygen and other gases with the environment. As the coconut oxidizes, enzymes break down the oil inside, creating free fatty acids. These cause a harshness in flavor, and a breakdown of the antimicrobial value of the coconut oil. Once the coconut oil is pressed, it is stable, since it’s been separated from the enzymes. But that time to pressing is critical.

    Factory coconut oil can take anywhere from two days to two weeks or longer for pressing from the time of husking. But DME™ coconut oil is pressed within 90 minutes of husking the nut, most often as quickly as 20 minutes. DME™ truly is the freshest coconut oil you can buy.

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