Alpha Clarity™ Oil

Alpha Clarity™ is blended to provide long lasting energy through high quality fats, including Omega 3. Ketones, the energy source our bodies make when Alpha Clarity™ is metabolized, are an alternate source of nourishment, effective for brain and body cells alike. Specifically, Alpha Clarity™ provides nourishment for cells that are glucose resistant.                                              

Alpha Clarity™ is not a cooking oil, but may be incorporated into baked goods, in cold foods, or used on hot food after preparation. Alpha Clarity™ is shelf stable up to 18 months, and does not require refrigeration. If refrigerated, bring to room temperature before using. Recommended serving: use up to 6 tbsp per day. May be consumed as part of, or prior to meals. As with any edible oil product, a sudden increase in ingestion may cause digestive upset. Use within 2 months of opening.

Ingredients: Pure MCT oil, fair trade DME™ virgin coconut oil‡*, chia oil‡*, flax oil‡*, camelina oil‡*, certified sustainable palm fruit oil

‡cold pressed *organic



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