Alpha Balance™ Oil

Alpha Balance, a blend of medium chain and vegan sourced Omega 3 oils, is your everyday oil, and a good source for ketones. Ketones are an optimal fuel source for the body, a source of quick energy, and result in lower fat storage. Alpha Balance™ is formulated for a corrective 2:1 Omega-3:6 ratio, and contains a natural blend of antioxidants which protect the Omega 3 oils.

Alpha Balance™ may be used for light frying, cooking, and for baking, and has a pleasant, light, slightly nutty flavour. Do not refrigerate. Use within 2 months of
opening. Suitable as part of a ketogenic meal plan.

Ingredients: Organic cold pressed camelina oil, organic fair trade DME™ virgin coconut oil, certied sustainable palm fruit olein, organic cold pressed flax oil, organic cold pressed chia oil


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