Fats 102

The Role of Fats in Disease

This is the second in a three-part series about fats and their function in our bodies. With the basics covered in Fats 101, let’s talk about the role fats play in helping us to stay disease resistant.

We know that fat is good for us. The right kind of fat – and in the right balance – provides energy for your body, helps the body absorb nutrients, and helps to keep cells vital and strong.

When the body contains an imbalance of fats, problems begin to occur.

Dr. Thomas Seyfried, author of Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, writes that the structure of the cell membrane is the most important factor in cells’ ability to respirate properly. When they fail to do so, they begin to switch on genes that were otherwise dormant, and cause mutations. The entire metabolic process of the cell is then impaired, and a state of disease results.

And those cell membranes need saturated fat, says eminent lipid researcher Dr. Mary Enig, because they conserve the important omega fats, and help place them in the cell membranes where they belong.

Further, too few essential fatty acids cause neural degeneration in brain and nerve tissue, particularly when Omega 3 is missing. Too much Omega 6 (compared to Omega 3) leads to chronic inflammation, and has been implicated in cardiovascular heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer, among others.

To ensure optimal health of these cell membranes, they rely on a daily, balanced supply of essential fatty acids (EFAs) – the right combination of Omega 3 to Omega 6: ideally somewhere between 1:1 and 1:4 of total intake.  Since EFAs are not naturally produced in the body, they must be derived from the food we eat.

But who has the time to calculate how much of what type of fat goes into our bodies every day?  We’ve made it easy for you with a line of perfectly balanced blended oils.

The right combination of essential fatty acids, monounsaturated fats, medium chain fats, saturated fats, tocopherols, tocotrienols, and carotenes, Alpha's formulations are: 

 As little as one teaspoon a day of these delicious combinations of vegan-friendly organic oils (produced without refining, modification or chemicals), helps your cells to stay optimally balanced, optimally healthy. Alpha Balance™ is also great source of ketones, a quick-energy source that results in lower fat storage.  More about ketones in our next blog…stay tuned!

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