Oil Pulling the Alpha Way

If you've ever picked up Alpha's Flavoured DME™, you might've noticed that the little jar you had in your hand is sized to fit perfectly into a medicine cabinet so you can easily incorporate oil pulling into your daily oral health routine.  What is oil pulling? Oil pulling, or oil ‘’swishing” is a traditional ayruvedic oral hygiene practice that actually works.  It is especially beneficial when you use coconut oil. 

The technique is simple: put 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil in your mouth, and “pull” the oil for 5-20 minutes, then discard oil into garbage. Rinse mouth with warm water and brush teeth.  This little step will leave your mouth feeling clean and revived.  

A simple way of thinking of the action of oil pulling is that your mouth is emulsifying the oil, and turning it into a dirt fighting solution, similar to soap. Try thinking about your teeth as small, white dishes that have been sitting in the sink for too long, and need a good wash.  Unlike toothpaste, you are able to pull the solution through the spaces in your teeth, and up around your gums, purifying your mouth.  Oil pulling is also a natural teeth whitener. So you can bid farewell to chemical strips or gritty baking soda scrubs.

Flavoured Coconut Oil for Oral HealthPulling the coconut oil through your teeth and swishing the oil around your mouth not only loosens plaque, trapped food particles, but it also has a proven anti-bacterial affects. Coconut oil has a unique warrior hidden in its nutrient profile called Lauric Acid. The lauric acid that is activated by your saliva during oil pulling, and when it is activated it kills bad bacteria, while leaving the good probiotics we have in our mouths.  Lauric acid is one of the most supportive nutrients found in foods, because it has this ability to protect your immune system against bad microbes without destroying  the good guys.You can use other oils for oil pulling, but coconut oil is uniquely qualified as it has anti-microbial power against two hazardous strains of bacteria that contribute to tooth decay, S.mutans and C.albicans. No other oil provides protection against both of these strains at the same time.

Oil pulling cleans and brightens teeth, helps strengthen gums, and give you fresh breath, without dangerous chemicals found in commercial mouthwashes.   Commercial mouth wash is so powerful, it kills both the bad and good bacteria in our mouths, creating an environment for the bad bacteria to thrive. Instead, using coconut oil  to kill the bad bacteria that causes bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease while maintaining most of your good bacteria is a better option. Having a healthy mouth can help prevent other health issues too, and choosing a low cost, low health impact product like coconut oil just makes good sense. 

And a happy mouth means a happy smile.

Step 1:

Put 1-2 tsp DME™ Virgin Coconut oil in your mouth. Do not swallow! Instead, warm up the coconut oil by swishing it around your mouth, and then start swishing and pulling the oil through your teeth.  If you need to spit, do. You can build up to ten- twenty minutes in time, but at first , just get comfortable with the process.

Step 2:

Spit out coconut oil into your garbage can, or into some paper towels , and then discard. Do not swallow the oil.  Do not spit the oil into your sink or shower drain.

Step 3:

Rinse your mouth out with warm water.  Warm water and sea salt is also a good potion.

Step 4:

Floss and brush teeth

Step 5:

Feel the glory of your very clean pie hole.

Alicia Tobin
Alicia Tobin


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