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When we designed the label for our newest product,  Alpha’s Organic Fair Trade Red Palm Olein , we had to pare down the name so that we could fit it on a label in a font that most people could easily read.   As far as products go, it has a lot going for it.  We could have called it “Alpha’s Totally No Orangutans Were Harmed or Even Live Near Where this Product is Made Organic Red  Palm Olein”  

Maybe we could have been really specific with “Hey! The People Who Made this Were Paid Fairly, Their Traditions and Land are Treated with Respect and, at the End of the Day, They Can Build Up The Infrastructure in Their Communities with Health Programs and Schools Organic Red Palm Olein”.

Another option, that was going to cost a lot to get printed, was “Alpha’s Organic Red Palm Olein Supports Biodiversity, Forest Conservation , Encourages Healthier Ecosystems while Reducing  CO2 Emissions and Tastes Great Too”

It is tough to fit all of the benefits of this one product on the label.  On the inside, we have a product that is so healthy and safe for us.  But equally important is we have a product we feel good about making.  Health isn’t just about what we eat. It is about who we are, how we contribute to this world, and about making good choices for ourselves and others.

So when you buy your first tin of Alpha’s Organic Fair Trade Red Palm Olein you can be impressed with the great taste, the nutrients, and how easy it is to use. You can be impressed with yourself too, for choosing an ethically made product.


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