A Refreshing Peppermint Shave

Last month I ran out of shaving cream on a business trip. Interestingly, I had just purchased a new can of shaving cream for the bathroom at home the previous week. The chemical laden ingredient list was still fresh on my mind. So I wasn't terribly motivated to delay the start of my day by making an emergency trip to the drug store for a product I didn't really want.

The other factor in my reluctance was that I have sensitive skin. Very sensitive skin. I routinely shave three hours before going out just to let the shaving cuts heal before I put on a dress shirt. Because blood on the collar is never that attractive. I have tried all sorts of shaving creams, soaps, lotions. I have tried straight razors, barber shaves, three, four, and now five bladed razors to find a clean, blood free shave. All to no avail. Yet I looked wooly, and needed to shave.

Why not? I'd tried just about everything else.

I remembered that I had my travel sized jar of DME™ Pineapple Coconut Oil with me. Why not? I'd tried just about everything else. The coconut oil was solid, since it was a cold day, but it quickly warmed up on my skin and became a nice slick lubricating surface. And it smelled good. Nothing like starting the day with a Piña Colada.

Since I've come home, I've switched to DME™ Peppermint Coconut Oil. Again, I like the aroma. The shaves are the best I've had in my life. After thirty years of shaving, that's saying something. I love the way my skin feels after the shave, as the coconut oil is moisturizing. Best of all, I'm not poisoning my skin with chemical concoctions. Anyone want to buy a nearly new tin of shaving cream?

Chris Gursche
Chris Gursche


Chris Gursche learned about naturally healthy living around the kitchen table, whether he wanted to or not. He is currently product trainer for Alpha Health

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