The Public Demands It!

The history of healthy oils--coconut and optimal ketone substrate Salad OilI was asked the other day by a person in government what evidence we have that there is a public demand for healthy oils. That made me stop to think. Actual evidence, such as a clamouring from the public, doesn't exist, so technically, none.

I think back to the situation in 1986, when the government wouldn't allow claims for Omega 3 oils, much less have them mentioned on a label. Flax oil at the time was used for drying paint, and no one wanted to eat it, much less demand it. One could have conclusively said, “There is no public demand for this oil,” and let that be the end of the story. And one would have been correct.

Nevertheless, Siegfried Gursche published a book called Fats & Oils, and encouraged a friend to establish a cold-pressing facility for flax, and 27 years later, Omega 3 is being added to orange juice. There is also a healthy market for cold pressed flax oil.

In 1998, Dr. Mary Enig wrote, “since Hain's has stopped selling coconut oil, it is unavailable [in the American market]...” Once again, a lack of public demand for a healthy oil. In 2003, Alpha Health Products, under Siegfried’s guidance, started telling the story of coconut oil. Today, coconut oil can be found in Costco, and they won't sell anything if it can't be sold by the bucket. Where no demand existed, there is now a demand.

And so it goes with healthy food products. There isn't a demand until the story is told. Alpha is constantly developing better premium quality edible oils to foster optimal health through nutrition. Nobody wants this, until we start drawing the connections between the food they eat, and the state of their physical body. So, no, we don't have a market, or public demand, for the oils we are bringing out—but we will.

Chris Gursche
Chris Gursche


Chris Gursche learned about naturally healthy living around the kitchen table, whether he wanted to or not. He is currently product trainer for Alpha Health

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