Is there science behind treating Alzheimer's symptoms with Coconut Oil?

Some people don't know what science is.

Fox News ( I ran across this while perusing my twitter feed. I don't actually watch Fox News ) runs a Q&A feature with Doctor Manny, who relies on the Chris Kilham, “The Medicine Hunter” for information on Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's.

Kilham dramatically asserts that there is not a shred of scientific evidence that Coconut Oil is beneficial for Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, for himself and many who might be dissuaded from pursuing Coconut Oil as an avenue for relief from symptoms, Kilham is wrong.

What Kilham likely meant to say is that there is a dearth of double blind placebo controlled studies. In that he would be correct. But for every person who provides Coconut Oil to a loved one with Alzheimer's and journals the results, congratulations, you are collecting empirical evidence.

Dr. Mary Newport is one such person. Her results with her husband Steve are well known, well publicized, and definitely scientific. She had a theory. She developed a strategy to test that theory. She chronicled the results, and published them.

Is the sample size small? Absolutely, as small as it can get. Is the study peer-reviewed? Not to this date. Are the results valid for all Alzheimer's sufferers? No, and that is where more study is required. Can this result be reproduced? Anecdotal evidence would suggest so, and more empirical evidence would help, both positive and negative. Is it scientific? As scientific as every other breakthrough.

We recommend that every person who provides Coconut Oil, or an optimized ketone substrate like Alpha's Gourmet Salad Oil, to a loved one with Alzheimer's, dementia, or other glucose intolerant condition, keep a journal. The current state of the subject, the amount given (dosage), the times given (intervals), and the results observed.

And then, good, bad, or indifferent, we'd like to hear from you, because that is scientific.

Chris Gursche
Chris Gursche


Chris Gursche learned about naturally healthy living around the kitchen table, whether he wanted to or not. He is currently product trainer for Alpha Health

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